Kotobuki exterior service is 25 years of your exterior wall and exterior painting company in Hamamatsu City, Iwata-Shi, Kosai-Shi.
As a community-based paint company familiar, one building field 1 value the trust of our clients meet.
Also, apartment, mansion owner and also painted large apartments for corporate clients we have experience. Please feel free to consult.

Exterior wall tile

• Exterior ceramic tiles carcelle

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Do not give up during construction?
The brick makeover for your important!
However, tiles, high durability and light enough to float on water, and resolve those issues.
It is a carceral tile.
Carcelle x paint is popular!
Exterior paint can be painted with paint keep the aesthetic appearance and rich in color and high-durability also means protection of the building is very important. Classy looking entrance and veranda by floor and wall post carceral points in a fashionable appearance design and greater aesthetic appeal.

"We are carcelle, Shizuoka General Agency.
Carcelle construction experience of visiting No1

We are the Agency to certify manufacturers car cela "Tamagawa ceramic co., Ltd., Shizuoka Prefecture.
So compared to other companies, ranging from construction know-how, products can be handled, up-to-date information and maintenance, car cela expertise we are proud.
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"Carceral construction videos


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